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The Chronicles of Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun’s transformation over the years is almost spectacular and he has earned the tag of being the Stylish Star in Telugu cinema. Now, he’s living up to his moniker in his latest film Iddarammayilatho. We take a look at three of his best roles so far.
In early 2003, when Allu Arjun made his debut in Gangotri, people had almost written him off as the next big thing in Telugu film industry. His USP back then was his dancing skills, which he showed off for the first time in Chiranjeevi, Simran starrer Daddy, in which he did a guest appearance. The adage ‘First impression is the best impression’ doesn’t apply to Allu Arjun and he proved why with his second film Arya, which was a big hit at box-office. It’s been almost nine years since Arya released and since then, he has grown from strength to strength both as an actor and a star with a commanding screen presence. Talking about his films, he has dabbled with different genres and here are three of his most interesting roles from his career :
Cable Raju – Vedam
Cable Raju is one of the most memorable roles in Allu Arjun’s career so far and the film, Vedam turned out to be his most critically acclaimed film. Directed by Krish, the film had Allu Arjun, who’s desperately looking for money to take his girlfriend to a party on New Year and the extent to which he goes to get the money, by hook or crook. The film released soon after Varudu and the transformation which Allu Arjun went through to get into the character was amazing. One of the best scenes in the film occurs in a hospital, when Allu Arjun returns the money he had stolen from an old man and he completely breaks down soon after that. The film might have lost in the number game, but it’s a film which we are all very proud off and all the more so because of what Allu Arjun managed to do throughout the film.
Arya – Arya 2
When Sukumar directed Arya in 2004, people had no idea what to expect from the film. Naturally, they fell for Arya’s (Allu Arjun) characterization, who is in love with Geetha, but doesn’t expect her to love him back. He is eternally optimistic that he will succeed in the end and he does. However, his role in the 2009 film Arya 2 was far more complicated and therefore, it needs a bit of a relook. In this film, Arya is extremely compulsive and he’s torn between his love for Geetha (Kajal) and his friendship with Ajay (Navdeep). He would do anything to achieve both, but when it comes to the point where he has to choose between the two, he would pick friendship with Ajay. It’s completely crazy and to a large extent confusing, which is a part of its charm. Allu Arjun was near perfect in this role. Although Arya 2 might have received mixed reviews, the characterization and what Allu Arjun did in the film will continue to intrigue us.
Bala Govind – Desamudhuru
After films like Arya, Bunny and Happy, it was Puri Jagannadh’s Desamudhuru which gave Allu Arjun, the biggest push to his career till that point of time. The film also started the trend of six-pack mania among Telugu cinema heroes and Allu Arjun led the way. He played Bala Govind, a TV program director, who’s sent to Manali to shoot a travel program. Right from action sequences to dialogues, Allu Arjun pulled it off in style and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the film made him a big star. His quirkiness, combined with Puri Jagannadh’s dialogues, made a big impact on the audience.


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