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Dad is a very candid person : Allu Arjun

On Father's Day, stars talk to TOI about the special bond they share with their famous dads 

Lakshmi Manchu
Dad is a fan: The most rewarding moment for me with my dad recently was when I won accolades for my performance as the evil queen Irendri in "Anaganaga O Dheerudu". My dad went to watch the premier much before I did and after he saw it he did an 'adaap' in full public view, appreciating my performance. I've got the picture framed and I've put it in my office.

Working Together: He is a big part of my career decisions. I have recently launched my production house at my dad's insistence to handle the increasing projects. Rumors that say he is angry with this move are baseless. I did everything with his blessings. We are right now discussing details about the sets for the film under this banner.

Protective As Ever: As a child I was scared of him and I really wouldn't understand why all those guys in films would beat up my father all the time. Even now, when I go out he has to approve of my outfit! So, I sneak out when I want to wear something I know that he won't okay.

He Wants To Be A Granpa: My dad is very conservative and like all normal parents he wants me to stay happily married and have children. Most of the time, he seems to forget that I am an actress. I am happy that my sister-in-law, Vinu (Viranica) has taken the pressure of me — she's expecting twins!

Allu Arjun
Always By My Side: Much before I entered films, my dad walked into my room and saw me busy drawing something at 3 am. He stood there for sometime and said, "Whatever career choice you make, you are going to be successful." I'll never forget those words. It gave me the confidence to be who I am today.

My Mentor: I always consult my father before I take on a project. Not just me, even my brother goes to dad and speaks to him of his business ideas. Dad has an amazing business acumen and it would be foolish not to take his advice. Plus, he's our dad at the end of the day and he would want to see us succeed. He always gives us the best advice.

Special Moment: After the release of my first film "Gangothri", my father was so happy, that he surprised me by buying me a swanky high-end car. I have the car with me to this day.

My dad, my friend: Dad never interferes in our personal matters. He is a very candid person and knows where to draw the line. He is always there for all of us in the family. We live under the same roof and we talk regularly.

Naga Chaitanya
Inspiration: Dad keeps instilling it in me that I need to first prove myself as an actor and then think of being a superstar. I always believe in consulting my dad before taking up a project. But of late, dad insists that I take my own decisions.

Daddy Cool: Dad and I are like friends. We criticize each other's works and respect each other's views. Even though my father is a superstar, he respects my views and hears me out patiently.

A homebody: Dad is a complete family man. He makes sure that the family is together spending time with one another on weekends.


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