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Why is Allu Arjun dancing?

HYDERABAD: Allu Arjun, dancing sensation and Hyderabad’s heartthrob, has been seen dancing everywhere - starting from his gym, to the security check-in at the airport and even on the film sets when he is not giving his shots.
Who or what is making him dance?
Is this the promo of his new upcoming movie or another innovative marketing campaign by a brand he endorses? Even his fans are surprised at this strange behaviour and are asking, “Why is Allu dancing?”
According to industry sources, it is a brand that is making Allu dance to his fans tunes and is coming up with a month long innovative marketing campaign, which will enable fans across the state to make Allu dance to their tunes and even interact and engage with their favorite celeb at the click of a button.
Starting today, an innovative teaser campaign will air, followed by a ‘Mega Reveal’ campaign that would encourage consumer engagement through a powerful 3D campaign. The teasers would encourage consumers to SMS why they think Allu is dancing nonstop.
There will also be innovative hoardings at vantage points in several cities across the state, and various other exciting forms of live communication.


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